We’ve made it our mission to create high quality products that help women to feel confident in the garden, while having a positive impact on nature & our communities.

Our Story

Why is it so hard to find garden clothing for women that is functional and actually looks good?

That's the question our founder Rachel had been pondering since starting her journey towards self-sufficiency and learning to grow her own food back in 2020.

After a year of searching and not being able to find anything that suited her needs - the mission to build the UK's FIRST garden wear brand for women began!

  • Touch Screen Fingertips

    Tired of constantly taking your gloves off & on every time you need to check your phone or take a picture? We were too! So we’ve added touch screen fingertips to save you time & effort.

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  • Convenient Clip

    There’s nothing more frustrating than being left with an odd glove, while the other has gone walkabout, never to be found again. Our added clip means you can easily fasten them together when not in use, minimising the risk of one going missing!

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  • Padding & Reinforcement

    Padded palms and reinforced fingertips mean your gloves will last longer and keep your hands protected.

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  • 12 Months of Relentless Design Later...

    Our gloves have been obsessively designed and perfected over the last year, to provide you with the best possible ratio of protection, dexterity & style.

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