Our Story

“I’ll never forget the day the supermarket shelves went empty - the surreal walk down the aisles stripped bare of all staples, and a deep feeling of helplessness setting it. I realised then how much we took for granted.”

In early 2020, Rachel was living in Melbourne and enjoying city life, however like so many people, the abrupt lockdowns forced her to stop and think about the sustainability of her lifestyle.

Almost overnight living in a city became a lot more uncomfortable, with empty shelves raising serious questions about the sustainably of our food systems, and our total dependence on them.
After many cancelled flights and a lot of hassle, she eventually made it home to Orkney in April 2020. With time on her hands and a new appreciation for self-sufficiency she set about resurrecting the terribly overgrown old vegetable garden at her family home.
“I had barely even grown a row of carrots in my entire life, but I knew it was time to learn. I dove head first into learning all I could about growing my own food, and I loved every minute of it - the successes, the total failures, the peaceful moments spent in nature.”
However It wasn’t long into her journey before that she found that she didn’t have much clothing that was suitable for working in the garden, and certainly nothing that looked good!
“My initial frustration was being unable to find gardening gloves that were functional, fit well and I actually liked. After further searching, I realised that there's almost no functional gardening wear on the market for women at all!”
So after months of research, hard work and soul searching, Rachel decided to take the problem into her own hands, and Feverfew Garden Company was born! 
We’ve come so far to get to this stage already, but we are still only at the beginning of our journey and we're incredibly excited to have you with us as we learn & grow.